Our Goal

We at Crypto Shift would like to support the mining industry in Africa. This will put your continent back on the map with our mineral facilities. For this we organize a Crowd Funding to boost the Tantalite ore and gold mining in Africa.

You will have the first chance to contribute and in turn have a chance to win very advantageous commissions. We even offer the possibility to make between 2.2% and 3.6% profit on the amount that you make available to us and this during 120 working days.  After the 120 days, each contract expires and you can return the winnings, and / or more, to us for reuse.

If you are satisfied with the course of events, you can purchase a new Pack at any time, which in turn will return the predetermined percentages. If you like your friends to benefit also from this opportunity, we also provide the opportunity to share this with our friends and benefit extra out of this.

Take a look at our commission plan and decide which package will suit you best. If you have decided to help us, please join by pressing the JOIN button and register.

Hopefully we will soon see each other on the more positive side. With kind regards,

The Crypto Shift Team